Student Clubs

A.U.K. Student Government supports and manages 17 student clubs

Charity Club

A.U.K. Charity Club is an independent student organization established within the A.U.K. on February 4, 2010. The mission of A.U.K. Charity Club is to serve the community in Kosovo through voluntary services and awareness campaigns, which aim to help poor families, high school students, elders, people with disabilities, orphans, and minorities in Kosovo.

The vision of A.U.K. Charity Club is to serve the community in Kosovo. Through charity and community service projects the club wants to raise awareness of community service and to show that we, as A.U.K. students and young professionals, care about the community.

Since its establishment the club has successfully completed the following projects: Down Syndrome Kosova; Marking the World Down Syndrome Day – Learn About Me; Autism Campaign; Hope and Aid Direct; Second Hand Clothes Donation; V-Day Project; Mother Teresa Week Campaign for Down Syndrome; Early Intervention for Children with Additional Educational Needs Conference; Donation boxes; New Year Presents to Children with Leukemia; Retirement Home in Prishtina; Braille Alphabet Campaign; Free English Courses to SOS Children; Video Awareness Campaigns; Marking the World Down Syndrome Day – Inclusion, A Social Value; Roma community project; World Water Day, “Light the Night,” Earth Day, World Book Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, etc.
President: Besa Gjonbalaj
Vice President: Nida Krasniqi
Secretary: Yllza Hoti
Treasurer: TBD
Freshmen Representative – Aulona Sadiku
Sophmore Representative – Fiona Rusinovci
Junior Representative – Jehona Karadivaj
Senior Representative – Engjellushe Januzi
​Faculty Advisor: Venera Demukaj & Todd Kirkbride

Dance Club

A.U.K. Dance Club, is an independent club that operates within the A.U.K. It was founded in 2013, with the focus on teaching A.U.K. students a variety of Latin/rhythm dances (Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, etc.), with the help of A.U.K. student and guest instructors. We seek to develop the art of dancing within the A.U.K. community, by providing free dance lessons for the A.U.K. community. The classes offered are built to accommodate every experience level and are held weekly. For those who want to seek our more opportunities to dance, we provide a list of events that happen outside A.U.K., published on our social networking site.
  • Dancing classes held by A.U.K. instructors, and guest instructors.
  • Dance socials outside A.U.K..
  • Other projects initiated by the club members.
  • Quarter social dance held by the Dancing Club within or outside A.U.K..
President: Alba Ymerhalili
Vice President: Flutura Abdullahu and Ema Sanders
Secretary: Rrona Llukaj
Treasurer: Yllza Hoti
Faculty Advisor: TBD

Economists Club

The Economist Club, part of the A.U.K, was established in late 2010 by the students and for the students. The club’s mission is to give the students the opportunity to expand and apply their knowledge in Economics, apart from the lectures that are taught at A.U.K. Different guest lectures, interactive debates, tutorials, and trips were just some of the activities organized by this club. Also, making internships available to students is another important goal this club wants to accomplish. In its work, the young economists are grateful to have had the unlimited support from Dr. Bislimi.


– Weekly journals,

– Guest Speakers: Mentor Azemi- Kosid, Jan Peter Olters- World Bank, Agron Demi-Instituti GAP,

– Albania’s Economic Timeline,

– Tutorial for Statistics I


President: Vlora Ejupi
Vice President: Lyra Beqiri
Secretary: Blerta Avdiu
Treasurer: Ilire Gashi
Faculty Advisor: Besnik Bislimi



Environmental Club

The Environmental Club would organize, promote, and monitor all environment-related events in- and outside A.U.K.


– Hiking trip in Liqenat, Rugove,

– Save the energy project

President: Argjent Pacolli
Vice President: Arber Maxhuni
Secretary: Dije Rizvanolli
Treasurer: Dua Shala
Faculty Advisor: Michael Waschak



Media Club

Media Club provides students with the opportunity to express and develop their ideas and talent through media technology and communication. As a club we perform with great leadership skills and we challenge ourselves with individual tasks and responsibilities. Ethics is of great importance too, that is why we have moral principles that govern our group’s behavior in every activity. In Media Club, various skills and ideas are combined to end up with a creative product, therefore anyone who is creative and willing to learn is welcomed to join and become a member of this ever growing group. In our club, infinity is the limit of creativity.

– Halloween Movie Night,

– Flag Day Video,


– Workshop day with Professor Daniel Cosentino,

– Kosovo Independence Day Video,

– Community Design Prishtina project.

President: Elion Misini
Vice President: Argjent Pacolli
Secretary: Osman Dzudzevic
Treasurer: Aid Sopjani
Faculty Advisor: Daniel Cosentino

MUN Club

Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda. The participants role-play as diplomats representing a nation or NGO in a simulated session of an organ (committee) of the United Nations, such as the Security Council or the General Assembly. Participants research a country, take on roles as diplomats, investigate international issues, debate, deliberate, consult, and then develop solutions to world problems.

The A.U.K. Model United Nations Club was formally established one year ago by A.U.K. students. The A.U.K. MUN operates based on its framework and its MUN board within the structure of the A.U.K. Student Government. It brings together A.U.K. students on extracurricular bases who share a common interest in discussing and debating on current issues. Currently, the club consists of 16 delegates and other active club members. The A.U.K. MUN Clubs future aspirations is to double the number of members so that the competitiveness of our distinguished delegates is increased, in hopes to effectively bring together an honorable delegation to represent academically A.U.K. and Kosovo worldwide.

-Attended Harvard Model United Nations in Boston 2016

-Attended Harvard World Model United Nations in Rome 2016

MUN CLUB 2015/16 Delegates:

Jeta Statovci – MUN President;
Jeta Loshaj – MUN Vice President;
Alketa Buçaj – MUN Secretary;
Getoar Agushi – MUN Treasurer;
Faculty Adviser: Robert Muharremi

Other MUN 2015/16 Delegates:

Guri Panduri, Anita Selmani, Jeta Loshaj, Almarin Ademi, Getoar Agushi, Tringa Krasniqi, Jeta Statovci, Engji Susuri, Alketa Bucaj, Brikena Daku, Vesa Bashota, Blinera Shala.

Music Club

The Music Club at the A.U.K., was created at the beginning of the academic year in 2012-2013. The mission of the Music club was to give students the opportunity to exercise their musical talents with other students at the A.U.K. We host different concerts and other musical events throughout the year, coordinating with other clubs to ensure that music club members are as active as possible. The club also provides beginner lessons to those who are interested in learning the guitar. Overall, it is a great experience for students, as they can work together in creating music while improving their own skills.

– Music performance at R.I.T/A.U.K OneSpiRIT

President: Alba Ymerhalili
Vice President: Flutura Abdullahu and Ema Sanders
Secretary: Rrona Llukaj
Treasurer: Yllza Hoti
Faculty Advisor: TBD

Sports Club

– Football tournaments,

– Paintball game

-Basketball tournaments

President:Liridon Rama
Vice President: Milot Burani
Secretary: Emira Gashi
Treasurer: Urim Shuku

E-Sports Club

– Dota 2 tournament

President: Bardh Ulaj
Vice President: Arber Maxhuni
Secretary: Don Kelmendi
Treasurer: Flatro Halimi
Faculty Advisor: Daniel Cosentino

Visual Arts Club

The idea behind the Visual Arts Club is to bring together all the students who love painting, photographing, designing, and other artistic skills. Member students of the Visual Arts Club will be able to learn the management side of the arts as well as the creative side.

We have organized many art events and exhibitions at A.U.K. The first was the “Let’s Plug It In’’ art exhibition event. At this exhibition, we showed art work produced in Fine Art Class and media and design classes. This was a very successful art exhibition, since it brought many students of A.U.K. to come and visit the gallery as well as many people outside of the A.U.K.

In 2012, we were able to successfully organize the event called “The Photograph” where every student of A.U.K. and also faculty members could submit their photographs to be shown on the art exhibition. The event was held at February 16, 2012 at the “Bluespace” art gallery of A.U.K. Around 200 photographs were exhibited, and many of them sold. Over 35 students participated on organizing this event.


President: Lavdije Pllana
Vice President: Shpetim Sokoli
Secretary: Liza Kutllovci
Treasurer: Majlinda Dervishi
Faculty Advisor: Xhevahir Kolgjini