Bike Share

Rent bicycles and help A.U.K. go green.


Student Government has started offering bike sharing services since September 21, 2015. A.U.K. Student Government started implementing the campaign “A.U.K. Goes Green”. As promised, we have provided bicycles for A.U.K. students which can be used during the day. The renting process of the bicycles will be on the first come first served basis.



Please read below the rules of the “Rental Contract” should be signed by everyone who wants to rent a bicycle:

I.In order to rent a student bicycle, the potential bike user has to provide his/her name, the university ID card and his/her phone number. The bike user must report any modification of his personal details immediately.

II.The bicycle always remains the property of the American University in Kosovo. Reselling, subleasing or exchanging bikes amongst one another is prohibited. The bike user always remains personally liable for compliance with the rental regulations, even if a third person is using the bicycle.

III.A.U.K. is not liable for possible accidents when using the bicycle.

IV.The bike user is responsible to return his bicycle within 3 hours.

V.The bike user is liable for any damage to the bicycle and other items. Hence, the damages caused to the bicycle must be compensated by the bike user.

VI.In the event of theft or loss of the bicycle, the bike user must firstly report the theft to the police. Any costs charged by third parties shall be paid by the bike user.