Facilitating communication between students is crucial for our community. As such, we are offering novelties that no one has provided before. These innovative offerings will revive campus spirit. We have agreed with IPKO to create a special package labeled HEJ A.U.K.! This package includes:

• IPKO mobile numbers which can be bought for only 1 Euro;

• A.U.K. students will have the opportunity to choose between having the mobile number same as with the other operators or obtaining a different IPKO number that starts with 285, representing the initials of A.U.K.. E.g. 049 –285 – 001;

• Starting from September in cooperation with IPKO we will organize loopy football events, which will include free drinks and snacks. HEJ community will also organize different events including hangouts and parties, in accordance with the Student Government. Current IPKO number holders can also be part of HEJ A.U.K. community.


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March 18, 2016

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